Monday, 15 September 2014

Zotac 760 Amp GPU Review

Zotac have had a great reputation for many years for making some great computer components and they are one of of the companies that can push hardware to the limit and creating over-clocked GPUs at affordable prices.

The card is perfect for anyone who is looking to build a gaming PC for running demanding games but without breaking the bank and spending all your budget on a graphics card. The card is less than £200 / $300(at time of publication) and is a great value item that can make all the difference to a gaming PC.

The card is well made and has plenty of high quality materials that feel great and allow the card to breath and have plenty of air flow around all parts of the cards. The fans are larger than on many rival cards and allows for the best possible
cooling solution when you are playing demanding games.

It is running some the most popular games at the moment at high to ultra high (depending on game settings) and performs well with games such as battlefield 3 and 4 and makes games look visual impressive with its over clocked technology. It features all the standard Nvidia features plus more and is not as demanding on the power supply as you would first think.

I would highly recommend this card to everyone who is looking to build a gaming rig on a budget and is after maximum value for money on their gaming rig.

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