Friday, 12 September 2014

Samsung DVD-R Review

Samsung DVD 24x Drive SH-224DB

The drive is perfect for most computer build ranging from the low end PC up to a Large scale gaming PC. It features a fast write speed and is compatible with most systems and fits most popular PC cases thanks to its easy set up and its solid construction.

The drive is highly customisable with interchangeable front panels in black white and silver and comes with a set of good quality cables in the box. The design is simple and blends in well with most cases allowing
for more emphasis on the case design rather
than the components on the front.

There is not much to be said about disk drives at the current time as more and more computer software and games have gone to digital download but this drive is great for music disk production due to the write speed and its simplicity plus I have found the speed helpful when burning DVDs and not having to wait too long.

I would recommend this product for anyone wanting a disk drive as  it is great value for money at under £30 and it offers a quality product you can trust and rely on.

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