Friday, 14 March 2014

Amazon Basics Camera Bag Review

An affordable camera bag that blends in to the crowd.

There are many branded camera bags that offer "advance features" at an inflated price of £100+
But why buy a branded bag when you can buy this bag with many of the same features and more for less than £30...

The bag is really well made and offers plenty of space for 2 camera bodies and even has a separate compartment for a large 17 inch laptop and plenty of space for accessories. The padding on the bag is good quality with a scratch proof soft coating that means no harm will come to your camera gear and your laptop.

The bag is made with a nicely finished material that offers partial water resistance but also comes with a 100% waterproof cover for peace of mind that can be fitted in seconds.

 If you were looking for a camera bag that blends in to the crowd and doesn't scream out loud that you have £500+ worth of equipment on you back then you would most likely pick this this bag as it has an simple design that is functional and practical but inconspicuous at the same time.

This bag excels for photographers who carry a tripod as it has 2 solid straps and a pocket that will hold all major tripods in a secure way so you don't have to worry about your gear getting damaged on long hikes.

The way the straps distribute the weight is very helpful when wearing the bag for longer than an hour and the way the back is constructed helps to improve air flow around the bag meaning a more comfortable and enjoyable experience when wearing the bag.

Amazon have created a quality product that rivals many of the more expensive bags on the market and creates an affordable solution that means you can spend the the money you could save on other gear and camera lenses.

I found the bag to be very impressive over the past day or so and think it offers a comfortable solution to carrying your gear around in both urban and outdoors areas. Plus it offers a clean and professional image for people who attend trade shows and photographic events.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is after a camera bag with plenty of space and in need of a bag that offers a comfortable wearing experience.

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