Friday, 31 January 2014

Google Chromecast Review

The chromecast is a great addition to anyone who uses Google products and unlock the potential of your television and your devices.

The device sits nicely behind the TV due to the compact size and has good wireless connection thanks to the adaptor in the kit.

I have been using the device for about a month with my tablet, phone and laptop and the device works great with the compatible apps. The Google apps it currently works with include YouTube, Movie and TV, Music and Chrome on PC/ MAC.

The set up is easy and take less than 5 minutes with the chromecast app were you can rename the device so you could have several on the same network in each room of the house and easily identify which device to stream to.

The device is powered using a USB cable with the power block or the USB power from the USB port on the TV and draws very little power.

The Chromecast has some great screen savers that scroll on screen when it is idle and makes a feature of the TV.

The chrome browser streaming  is in beta but works well on both laptop and desktop with the freedom of steaming any web page in any chrome tab.

The device is one of many streaming devices on the market but works well with most devices on the market today. the freedom to use the streaming with Android, IOS and Windows means it is a great all round product for anyone looking to stream to their TV.

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