Friday, 27 September 2013

TeckNet X9800 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

TeckNet X9800 Laser Gaming Mouse

This is one of the best value for money gaming mice i have used in a long time...

I was looking at a few gaming mice for reviews on this blog and after seeing this mouse on amazon for less than £20/$30 I was not too sure about it but after using it for about 4 weeks I can say with confidence that this mouse is able to stand up to the competition in the gaming market place.

This mouse offers great value for money and a good level of build quality with nice features that will help to make your games better...
The mouse offers high end features such as 8200 DPI settings, Gold Plated Usb Connection, Programmable Macro settings and software,
Ergonomic Designed Variable Weight Set and 9 Programmable Buttons.

I think the mouse is great for most levels of gamers as it gives the user the freedom to set the mouse up the way they want it. The customisation of the mouse allows for the mouse to blend in with your set up by letting you change the lighting on the logo of the mouse and the weight system allows for getting the mouse perfect for different games. The sensor on the mouse is great for use on most surfaces but i have found the best thing to use is a gaming mouse mat for the best response from the sensor.

The rubber finish and the padding on the side of the mouse is great and feels good to use for long periods.

The software allows for some good options and can unlock your games by giving you practically all the buttons you would ever need for your gaming sessions. Plus the way you can jump between profiles on the mouse is great for playing games one after another.

I found the mouse to be very responsive and very useful for working on software such as photoshop and premier pro as the key bindings can help to speed up editing and effects on photoshop.

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I highly recommend this mouse and would say it it the perfect mouse for people who want a gaming mouse on a budget...

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