Friday, 20 September 2013

LogiLink Gaming Mouse Pad

LogiLink Gaming Mouse Pad

This mouse mat is great...

I was looking for another mouse mat and found this one on amazon for less than £10 and once it arrived I have not stopped using it.

The mat is made of a high grade fabric with a natural rubber foam base that allows for more precise movement of a mouse which can help improve your gaming sessions.

The size of the pad is good for most types of games and with dimensions of 300x400x2.5mm it is bigger than a few of the same priced pads on the market.The pad gives a good balance of glide and friction which allows for all gaming mice to work at optimal settings to give you the competitive edge.

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I will be posting a review of the mouse (pictured on this review) next week... It will be well worth a read as it out performs many of the expensive gaming mice on the market....

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