Sunday, 28 July 2013

Glidegear SYL-3000 Elite Camera Stabilizer Review

Glidegear SYL-3000 Elite

A small camera stabiliser that is great for video cameras and small dslr's.

The stabiliser is made of high grade material and has good solid build quality that allows for the safe connection of most cameras up to 3lbs (1.4 kilo grams)

The handle is made of soft foam that is great for prolonged use and the wight of the unit is nice and manageable so can be used for a good amount of time before you have any problems.

The unit reacts well to movement and can produce a steady and clean video with in 5 minutes of opening the box as
the unit can be balanced easily by reading the great instruction manual it comes with and the instructional videos it links you to.

The design of the unit is great and does not take up too much room in the camera bag which means it is great for run and gun film makers and people who want to be prepared and ready to shoot at any time.

I think it is a great stabiliser for people who are looking to improve their videos and looking for a reasonably priced stabiliser to suit a small budget.

Build Quality
Style/ Design
Overall Opinion

I will be releasing videos on my YouTube channel to show how affective this product is.

Where to get hold of one:

 I would like to thank the company for sending me the product to review and test so i could write this review.
The company is really helpful and I would highly recommend them for products as they have a wide range to offer film makers.

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