Saturday, 13 July 2013

Flycam Nano DSLR Review

I have been testing the camera stabiliser for over a week and after getting it balanced with my Canon 60D I can say with certainty that this will be the most useful tool for the indie film maker and people who make videos online.

The setup and the process of stabilising the camera was a lengthy process due to the lack of any instructions and guidance on the website but after watching a few videos made by people who have the product and reading a few websites I managed to get it balanced enough for a first test run.

The price of this product is perfect for the small film maker or anyone who is looking for a camera stabiliser on a small budget as it is inexpensive but delivers great results that will improve the quality of everyone’s video work. 

The build quality of the product is very robust and because of the quality of the screws, metal and parts used it can be broken down in to several sections for transportation purposes. The product has a lot to offer as it can be used with many cameras due to the large amount of weights that are included in the packaging. The build quality reflects in the price you pay but is still great quality for what you get and gives people on a budget the chance to use film making tools to give their films better images and quality.
I have recorded a few video clips with the stabiliser and have been very happy with the results as you can see a big difference between stabilised and non-stabilised shots. I will be uploading some videos soon which will include footage that has been stabilised with the product and will update this review with a follow up post in the near future.
One thing i will say about this product is that this product is not 100% perfect. It is never going to be as good as some of the more expensive competition out there but for the money you pay for it you will be getting a good quality product that will improve your videos.

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I would like to thank Flycam shoppe for sending me the product for testing and allowing me the chance to review the flycam nano dslr camera stabiliser. In dealing with the customer service department and the people at the company I can tell that they care about their customers and would be very helpful with product support.

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