Friday, 5 July 2013

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor

A great all round processor for people who want that little extra boost.

In this review I am going to concentrate on the experience of using the processor rather than the full technical run down as there are plenty of sites out there on the Internet that have done that before. 

Lets get started:

Though this processor may be a little bit old compared to newer models it still packs a punch and beats many of the processors in the lower end of current Intel range.
The pricing of this processor still beats many of the two core and quad core processors on the modern market but gives you that extra boost so you can out perform the competition.

The processor offers great a visual experience for high definition entertainment while offering great cooling and power saving options meaning you have a better and more enjoyable experience from using your PC.

I have used AMD in my last few computers due to the fact I can get more for my money and be safe in the knowledge it will perform to its best ability and never let me down.
This processor has been great as it runs many basic software packages with ease. The processor can run most adobe software without any problems but can also cope with heavy games use and you will not notice any issues unless you really push the processor to the limits. I use my computer for a lot of gaming and design work and found that this processor is suited to an all round use in any computer as it has great build quality and reliability that you can depend on and allows you to work with  process heavy software games with confidence.

I run many tests on the processor over the past few weeks and have loved every minute of it as i have found the extra power can unlock more from you computer and give you a competitive edge when playing many CPU heavy games.

Build Quality
Style/ Design
Overall Opinion

Where to get hold of one:

I would like to thank AMD for sending me the product and can report that their support services are great and care about their customers and offer a great set of services in way of the technical support. I highly recommend AMD as a company as they have a great reputation.

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