Friday, 7 June 2013

Zipbuds Earphones Fresh

Product: Zipbuds Fresh

Product Description:
This set of headphones are interesting and look unlike any headphone I have had before.
The sound quality sounds great and they have a clean sound with a good amount of bass. I tested the headphones using my MP3 player, Tablet PC and my laptop and the sound quality was not affected between the devices.

The noise cancellation is good on these as you can wear them and the music is clear but still hear a small amount of sound around you. The cable is made of good quality materials and has a gold plated connection for your headphones port. 

The headphones come with small, medium and large interchangeable ear buds meaning these headphones can be used by anyone. The headphones are a great accessory if you like to stand out in a crowd these are perfect for you the colours are bright and highly visible and with a range of colours from blue, black, green and pink you can find a set to suit your own style.

The good:
  • Good sound quality with good amount of bass and nice clean sound.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • 1.2m (3.9ft) cable.
  • 1 year warranty
The bad:
  • The zip does cause a rubbing sound against certain materials when you are moving. 
  • A bit bulky when folded down.
  • $40 (£26) Price tag could put people off
  • Good quality and produce nice sound.
  • Good quality materials and features.
  • Will suit people who want to stand out and be diffrent.
The Ratings:

Sound Quality
Customer service
Overall Opinion

Opinion of kvlog101

Links to where you can get them:
UK Amazon:


US Amazon:


I would like to thank the Zipbuds company for sending the item to us for testing and review and I can say with confidence that the customer service department and PR team are supportive and offer a great service and are very helpful when you contact them.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

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