Wednesday, 12 June 2013

True Utility: Telescopic Keyring Pen

Product: True Utility Telescopic Pen.

This pen is is interesting and has been very useful over the past few days. This product is not going to become your primary writing device but comes in handy in an emergency situation when you need a pen.

The pack comes with ink in already installed and has 3 Biro style refills to you wont run out for a while. The construction of the products is great as it is made of Stainless Steel and feels well made, the keyring link is of a good quality and it is very secure.

While I have been using it I have found the quality of the pen and the way it writes is very interesting and clean as it moves nicely and has a nice grip to it.

The logo does look faded after a few days but this could be expected due to the fact it might rub against your pocket and get a few scratches from other objects in your pocket.

I am really impressed with this product as when I first got it it I thought I wont stand up to too much use but it is surprising how handy and useful it is.

The case that the pen comes in is very handy too as it has a rubber seal and is a splash proof case for all your bit and pieces for when your out and about or at the beach.

I have been really impressed by the feel and usability of this product and think it would be a great gift for anyone who loses a pen really easily

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Here is the links to the product:
True Utility:
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

I would like to thank True utility for sending me the product and can report that the customer services and marketing department are really friendly and helpful which shows that that if you have a problem their products the  staff will be able to help you in a professional and helpful way.

Thank you for reading and supporting the blog. 

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