Friday, 14 June 2013

True Utility: Cash Stash

Cash Stash (secret cash capsule)

Product Description:
This product is great and everyone should use it because you never know when you might need spare money on you. This product allows you to safely and discreetly carry a spare note on your keys for that emergency situation.

The product is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminium with a Waterproof Neoprene 'O' Ring for a fully water tight seal. This product is made for your keyring but could be easily attached to a zipper or a lanyard so it is multipurpose and perfect for everyone.

We have all had a situation where we have needed an emergency fund for a taxi ride or to pay for something and this allows you to carry a spare note on your keyring so you are ready for anything that might come up. The build quality allows you to to put it on your keys and put it in you pocket and not worry about it as the most that will happen to it is a few scratches due to the quality of the materials.

The clip inside the capsule means you can quickly and easily fold a bank note in less than a minute and
it allows you to remove the money from the capsule by just pulling the clip.
The unit can fit all bank notes from all over the world so it is a product for everyone.

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I would like to thank True Utility for sending me the items for review and can say that the staff from both the Customer services and marketing department are very helpful. The company is great and offer a great range of products to suit everyone. I would gladly recommend this company to everyone.

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