Friday, 28 June 2013

Proporta Gadget Bag

Proporta Gadget Bag

Interesting product with some cool features....

This product is very useful for people who use small electronics and want a way to carry there gadgets and charge them on the move.

The cordura material is great and offers some of the best protection against the weather and has a good hard wearing feel to it.
The bag is small compared to your normal everyday messenger bag but offer plenty of space for your electronics and cables meaning you can keep everything in one safe place. The zip is of a good quality and i have not had any problems with it as the bag has been constructed to a high standard.

I have used the bag for about a week now when I have need to carry just a few small things to a few meetings. Plus it is great for storing the sat nav in when it is not in use.

When I first got hold of the bag I thought it was too small but after using it for a few days I could see that it is well worth cost as it allows for the electronics to charge on the move while in the bag.

The bag is not going to be for people who carry loads of things with them all the time but would be perfect for people who want to carry a handful of gadgets and keep them protected in the scratch proof soft lining.

Price Point:
For the price of £25 you get a lot for your money as it has some great features that help to protect your gear and allows for the use of a turbo charger for when you are on the move.

I have been really impressed with this bag and the build quality as it is perfect for people who want to be on the move and stay connected but not have to worry about your gadgets. It looks modern and doesn't stand out too much in a crowd.

Build Quality
Style/ Design
Overall Opinion

If you want to buy it be sure to visit the links below:

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

I would like to thank the company for sending the product to me for review and can report that the customer service department are helpful and the company have been a great support which shows that they care about the people who buy their products.

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