Friday, 21 June 2013

OverBoard WaterProof Ipad Case

OverBoard Waterproof Ipad Case

This is one of those products that is a must for anyone who loves the outdoors and uses an Ipad or tablet PC...

I have tested this product with an Ipad and my Motorola xoom Android Tablet and both of them work really well. With any product like this you have to expect that the touch screen will not be as responsive as it normally would be but this case does perform with great precision and after a while you get use to using it.

The case is made of tough TPU Fabric that is touch screen compatible and of good quality.
The locking system gives you peace of mind as it has a great quality seal that is closed by sliding the clips to the close position the clips are very stiff and need some force to close them so you can tell that the seal is very tight.

The hand strap on the back case allows you to grip
the case really well and have a secure grip on the device when you use it. The quality of the shoulder strap, carabiner and the desiccant sachets are all great and allows you to securely carry the case and use it in humid weather.

The case offers great protection for your Ipad and Tablet PCs by securing your device in a case that is Water Proof, Snow Proof, Dirt Proof and Sand Proof. The case has a clear window for the camera on the Ipad and the picture quality is not diminished by the case which is a nice feature compared with rival products.

The product feels great and you can tell that it is a good piece of engineering that has gone in to the full process of making it just by looking at the seals, materials and the overall product.

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Where to Buy it:

Price Point: £30 to £40

I would like to thank the OverBoard company for sending me the product for review and would recommend you visit their site if you are interested in the outdoors and spending time on boats and in the water. The customer service team and the marketing team are great and offer really good support network for customers. I would highly recommend the company for outdoor products and waterproof gear.

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