Friday, 10 May 2013

Velbon PH-157Q Tripod Head

I have owned my tripod head for nearly a year now and i use it most weeks for video work and photography trips.

Velbon PH-157Q Tripod Head

 Product description:
A value tripod head with a solid base for most cameras: I have had a canon 5d mk3 on it and it copes with the weight without any problems.
The weight of the head is quite light at only: 570g.
Tripod Mounting: 1/4 Screw 3/8" Socket.
Spare quick release plates are available from most retailers as it takes the Square Velbon QB-157 plate.

Product notes: 
The product is built for photography and offers a good 
quality product for people starting out in photography
and video work. The panning motion on the unit is not as good as a fluid head but gives a nice effect on video.
I have used this head on several monopods and tripod legs and felt that it offers a good quality tripod head at a reasonable price. 

I would happily give this product a 8/10 

Where To Buy it:

All retailers should have it in but the easiest place to find it is here are amazon: 
Here is the links:

 More Photos below:


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